Catering for men and women of all ages and children over 7 years


The most popular club in the region

Our classes have grown to such an extent we have become the most popular Taekwondo School in the area. We have quite a few families training with us including parents and children making it a fun family activity. Some members are making regular 60 mile round trips from out of the area just to train at our school which should tell you something about the quality of our coaching and training.

Lots of equipment and training aids

Our school has a significant amount of equipment including 200 mats to provide the best and safest training environment as well as allowing for a greater range of training drills and activities. We also have full electronic scoring systems and elctronic body protectors to aid those wishing to participate in competitions.

Classes fun and enjoyable

We have a unique style of coaching that is explanatory and encouraging to the students, drawing the best from them. People who come from other schools are pleasantly surprised by our methods and in most cases stay to be come permanent members

Olympian Aaron Cook

Chris is seen here on 26th May 2013 holding some of our equipment with Olympic Taekwondo player and world No 1 Aaron Cook who came to Bristol to conduct a seminar.


The school is the only one in the region and one of only a small number in the UK who have such equipment. It is essential for those who want to compete at higher levels so they can practice and tailor their techniques for optimal scoring. The basic system costs over £1,500 and was personally paid for by instructor Chris Davies to benefit local players. A full system costs £3000 and the club hope that they can find sponsors or funding to secure the additional money to acquire a complete system.


Instructors welcome

I would like to welcome you to our unique friendly, safe educational and training environment


If you are a parent looking to enrol your child or an adult looking to enrol then "CONGRATULATIONS" you have come to the right place.


We have a number of students and parents bringing children, who make up to 60 mile round trips several times a week to train at our school. This should tell you something about the quality of our school for which people are willing to regularly travel distances to learn and practice with us



Testimonial: "After 3 years kickboxing I have tonight firmly switched sports to Taekwondo. Fantastic night @ Bristol Taekwondo, loved it, loved it, loved it!!!  I am hooked, Can't wait till next week! Yay! But my god do my legs ache!!"

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Cultural Experience

As part of our development program we offer regular trips to Korea for training

World Recognition

Instructor appointed directly to the Co-operation Committee and as an Advisory Board member for the UK

Latest Equipment

Using the latest competition electronic scoring equipment

Whether its fitness, self-defence, sport or recreation we have something for everyone

Qualified in Korea

Instructor trained and qualified in World HQ in Korea

There are annual trips to Korea for training and competition which our club instructor Master Chris Davies 7th dan attends, there is the opportunity  at a number of these for our club members to attend.


This slide show displays a small sample of  photos from some of these trips to Korea.

Korea, the home of Taekwondo