Kukkiwon Technical Committee Urged the Korean Government to Ease the ‘Renewed Social Distancing Scheme

Kukkiwon Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Technical Committee”) has adopted the resolution calling for easing the renewed social distancing scheme (hereinafter referred to as the “Renewed Scheme”).

At 10AM, on Friday, June 25, the Technical Committee held a meeting with committee chairs and heads of subcommittee attending at Kukkiwon Central Training Center (Gymnasium) and urged the government to immediately ease the Renewed Scheme, criticizing the scheme as impractical.

The government announced the Renewed Scheme to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Sunday, June 20.

According to the announced Renewed Scheme, indoor sports facilities including Taekwondo dojangs will face restrictions over the number of people allowed for the facility area ― one person by 6㎡ under the Level 1 distancing and one person by 8m짼 under the Level 2.

Starting from July 1, the Renewed Scheme will actually strengthen the restriction against the number of attendees in the indoor sports facilities, comparing to the current curb of allowing one person by 4㎡ of the facility area under both Level 1 and 2 distancing.

For instance, under the Renewed Scheme, a 132㎡-wide Taekwondo dojang can accommodate 22 trainees (under Level 1) or 16 trainees (under Level 2) at a time from the current 33.

In that regard, the Technical Committee decided to officially urge the government to give Taekwondo Masters a priority for COVID-19 vaccination and not to adopt stricter restrictions to limit the number of people using the indoor sports facilities.

The Taekwondo community is also voicing concerns that the Renewed Scheme may aggravate difficulties to Taekwondo Masters who are affected by COVID-19 and at the crossroads of the shutdown of Taekwondo dojangs.