Chung Do Kwan

Chung Do Kwan or otherwise written as Chungdokwan and means ‘Blue Wave School’ is one of the oldest of the original 5 Taekwondo Kwans (Schools) and was founded by Won Kuk Lee in 1944. The other 4 kwans were: Song Moo Kwan, Moo Duk Kwan, Ji Do Kwan and Chang Moo Kwan.

Lee Won Kuk

GM Lee Won Kuk left Korea shortly before the Korean War and the mantle of President of Chung Do Kwan was given to GM Yoo Ung Jun, but the Korean war drew sides and he was soon succeed by GM Son Duk Sung

GM Son Duk Sung

In 1959 the position of President went to GM uhm Woon Kyu who had the nickname of ‘Sliding side kick god’. GM Uhm was an original pioneer of modern Taekwondo and helped create many of the rules. He was also President of the Kukkiwon. GM Uhm was highly regarded in the Taekwondo world and sadly passed away in 2017. He was succeeded as President by another great Taekwondo Grand Master Park Hae Man.

GM Davies with GM Uhm in Seoul Korea 2014
GM Davies with GM Park Hae Man at the Chungdokwan training camp Korea 2018
GM Davies with GM Kyu Hyung Lee, a former president of the Kukkiwon at the Chungdokwan Summer Camp in Korea 2018.
GM Davies training at the Kukkiwon with Chungdokwan GM Shin ByeongHyun 2018