Lose Weight

Taekwondo as an activity can also contribute to a person wishing to lose weight when accompanied by a suitable diet. The bottom line is that it is mostly about controlling your calorie intake against what calories you burn through training and your daily activities.

A good method is to get an app and input what you have eaten on a daily basis which helps to monitor your calorie intake. For some, high protein and low carb diets seem to work well, also high protein diets often reduce the feeling of hunger which in turn helps with working towards any weight loss goals.

Another factor to consider is that as you get older or you lose weight, your metabolism slows down so you may need to adjust your diet accordingly. You will get times when weight loss seems to plateau which may require an additional change in your diet or an increase in physical activity to include some resistance training such as using weights. If you have any health issues or concerns you should get medical advice before going on a diet and undertaking physical training.

If you need additional information on diet and weight loss visit the NHS links below


Below is an NHS beginners strength and flexibility 5 week workout programme


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